German Photo of the NSDAP history, 1933

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German Photo of the NSDAP history, 1933

This item depicted in the images below is a VERY RARE German photo of a NSDAP history, 1933. The photo is from the special Album about history of NSDAP “DEUTCHLAND ERWACHT”, 1933, very small issue. The photo has a text on the back. The size is 170 mm x 120 mm (9,3 x 4,3 inches). Condition is extremely fine. It is never been glue.

Estimate price: $60 – $70

Guarantee: I am not a licensed dealer and can not give you Certificate of Authenticity. For this purpose I give to all of my clients 7 days to inspect the item – the item can be returned for any reason for full refund.

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We are selling a few collections that were collected for more than 30 years. We are searching and buying items from veterans, archaeologists companies that work at World War II battlefields, from private collectors. Also a lot of people want to sell their artefacts via our site – you can see next to some items “selling by consignment”.

The item does not promote or glorify violence, racial or religious intolerance and are selling only for historical purpose to people who are interested in World history. The items will not be sent to the countries where they are not allowed to be sold.


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