German WW2 2nd Model Navy Dagger

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German WW2 2nd Model Navy Dagger

Carl Eickhorn, stamped squirrel holding sword TM. Gilted brass hilt fittings show surface wear. Celluloid-over-wood grip shows only light surface wear with no cracks or chips and is the brighter white color that was used on later production pieces. Grip is complete with tight twisted brass wire wrap. Plated double-etched blade grades excellent + showing light surface wear/runner marks, but no damage or nicks to the cutting edges. 100% of the medium gray background frosting remains in the Eickhorn style fouled anchor etch. Blade is complete with tan felt blade buffer pad as normally found on Eickhorn examples. Gilted brass scabbard shows light surface wear and some faint surface depressions with only traces of the factory gilting remaining in the lightning bolt motif.

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NAVY 2nd MODEL 1938

The Navy dagger has two models and are identical to each other, except for the flame- shaped pommel for the first model and the national eagle with folded wings for the second model. The metal fittings of the dagger are normally constructed in brass. The gilt wire-wrapped grip of the dagger is made of horn or celluloid, and varies in color from white- yellow to orange. It is also possible to find the dagger with an ivory grip, that was the choice of the purchaser, who had to pay almost the same price for an ivory grip, than for a complete dagger. Therefore many officers, took there first model Navy dagger and just change the pommel. Sometimes they only took the ivory grip of their first model and put it on their new second model. The crossguard shows a fouled anchor on the obverse side and the release button on the reverse. The blade can be found plain or engraved, but most of all it is found engraved. The scabbard can be found hammered or engraved, that is most found and known as the lightning bolt scabbard. The scabbard is made of brass and shows two suspension bands of oak leaves, each band has a ring to put the hangers on. The dagger has no blade motto and is 37 cm long. The dagger has a 42 cm aluminum portepee. These portepees will appear gold in color after years of prolonged exposure to light and air. The hangers for this dagger are two separate detachable, black moiré straps with fasteners at both ends. The buckles on the hangers are oval and shown a lion head. The clips and buckles on the hangers are normally gold colored. Numerous variations of the first and second model Navy dagger exist, and therefore I can only recommend you again the books of Thomas M Johnson and Thomas T Wittmann.


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