Ost Worker Documents

Collection of German WW2 Ost Worker Documents.
Ostarbeiter (meaning “Eastern worker”) was a Nazi German designation for foreign slave workers gathered from occupied Central and Eastern Europe to perform forced labor in Germany during World War II. Deportations of civilians conducted since the beginning of war, reached unprecedented levels following Operation Barbarossa of 1941.
The Ostarbeiters were apprehended from the newly formed German districts of Reichskommissariat Ukraine, General Government Distrikt Galizien, and Reichskommissariat Ostland which comprised the territories of German occupied Poland as well as formerly Soviet occupied Poland since 1939, and the Soviet Union itself. According to Pavel Polian over 50% of Ostarbeiters were formerly Soviet subjects originating from the territory of modern-day Ukraine, followed by Polish women workers, approaching 30%.
Among the Eastern workers were ethnic Ukrainians, Poles, Belarusians, Russians, Tatars, and others.[3] Estimates of the number of Ostarbeiter range between 3 million and 5.5 million.

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